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Read short stories of alien Sweasy26 about Emojis and Aliens

Emoji is a country on the planet Halloween. The kingdom belongs to one of the most-inhabited countries of the planet. Many people of the planet Earth use with pleasure their photos. Besides, the ministry of tourism deals with the increase of the fame of the Emojis every possible working day. Read more

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Since the expulsion of the elective dictators rules Devil Emoji . He is the official descendant of the royal family. Prematurely of the Circus Union his great-grandfather ruled as a king of the country Emoji. His residence is in the capital of the country Emoji SMS. According to different opinions Emojis are partial people and extraterrestrials. For the discovery of the word Emoji there are many theories. The first mention of the name Emoji were found in a subterranean hiding place of the former Circus Kingdom. The other version concerns Japanese Emoji There Japanese lived very long time. They explained to the local population that the concept means by chance something in Japanese. Emojis in this town were able to do hardly think that their name could mean something in Japanese. Maybe that's why Japanese called the local inhabitants "Emojis". Who would like to become a politician, lawyer or judge in the amusing country, absolutely had to go to live to Emoji Opinion  by the yellow sea. There the suitable universities exist for the opinion education. More than 777 days ago the Salted Cucumbers at the personal command of their king occupied the musical town Emoji Pop. For the kingdom Emoji the darker side of the modern history began with it after the independence from

the Circus Union and the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. By the conquest of the town the whole country lacks musicians and professionally singing Emojis. Of course there are singers and musicians from other towns of the country, but they are not gifted so musically like their colleagues from the occupied town. The biggest town in the north-east of the kingdom Emoji Meanings  has particularly a lot of dust. Some critics of the town accuse 2,898,989

inhabitants for this state. Chimney-sweeps symbolise this town. The air quality often suffers in this town. The dusty city dreams of it one day again of becoming the capital city of Emoji. The city was some time in its history the capital of the country. Moreover, there exist very funny monuments to too different areas of life and holidays. The dusty city also has a very stingy neighbouring town Emoji Meaning This neighbouring town was influenced in the

history very strongly by the extraterrestrials from the Jupiter. A miser invented and advertised for the law of the thrift. At that time many eager Emojis liked this miser and had his appearances with pleasure. His creativity liked

most inhabitants of this small town. The thrift of this town led to a special command of the king Devil Emoji. He ordered the construction of the denture factory in this town.  Many Emojis and other inhabitants of the area have problems with their teeth. Military arrangements became active built in Emoji Town That's why this town is valid as a sort of capital city of the army of the kingdom Emoji. The whole place is known as a military base of the country.

From the Saturn came a mysterious media entrepreneur called Tycoon to Middle Finger Emoji. He read many books on the subject Immortality. Better said, he read books for the lengthening of the life expectancy. According to some authors

there was somewhere on the planet Halloween especially good earth. Really he could find the secret of the good earth in this area of the country of Emoji. Tycoon was a very popular employer in his new adoptive country town.

Other entrepreneurs from other planets were very with envy on him later. He survived several rulers in the town. Later he became the target of the curious researchers. At that time he started to regret his long life. When the First Horror Clown ruled in the Circus Union, had Emoji Face to be renamed to Horror Clown Faces at the order of the ruler. In this town the minds of the city founders assembled in the wood. Many Emojis reported  about that even quite publicly and uncensored. The city is officially responsible for the university of the humor sciences. Many entertainers of the population come as qualified actors, comedians and other artists from this region. The island  Emoji Backpack experienced the technical miracle of the electric toothbrush already at the times of the extraterrestrials from Pluto. By an amusing historical event the circus city of Emoji got its topical name Emoji Clown. This place is known as the native country of the home circuses. Earlier visited Horror Clowns regularly this town. Near the capital city there is the town of the freedom Emoji Free Many historians suppose that at this place the fight

for independence of the Emoji took place. The researchers still look very intensely for the origin of the name of this town. Only the main industry of this freedom town is strange. The cosmetics industry is national very famous. Many Emojis want to use cosmetics products possibly only from this city. The city Emoji App  is known for the high tech products and services. Earlier became the town by sophisticated extraterrestrials actively promoted. These days program some enterprises interesting ones Uses for the everyday need. The high tech industry is of use very much cleverly and sensibly rubbish. However, exception in the technical miracle forms Emoji Keyboard.

There became an innovative Emoji to a creative entrepreneur. He invented the first important keyboard Emojis. Before his presentation the area very long time had no name. The first rulers had no notion as they call the area had to go. The arrogance of the parliamentarians from Emoji Symbols led even to a boycott of the neighbouring towns because of the admission fee. At that time the area got a respectable title. The pride led to a strange fee. Moreover, a

deserter of the opposing side was during the conflict with the Egoists to the Emojis of this town. However, the reasons for his change are understandable, if one his prehistory exactly knows. In the south of the country gifted artists live in Emoji Art Every year on a certain day visits the king of Emoji this city. Here artists draw the nicest pictures. The population of this town statistically seen, is very young. In addition to the artistic city there is also an university city Emoji ListThe reason for this lies in the large number of universities. This city was originally founded by a single family. Later there were several power struggles between the various rulers. The gloves have been thanks to the factory in  Emoji For PC  very successfully sold throughout the country. The good marketing of own history through a clever entrepreneur actually led to gloves from this city also being exported abroad.

In Emoji Copy Paste 8 Emoji was the emperor. He ordered the construction of houses from papyrus.
The town was attacked by the beekeepers. Here the Emojis were achieved progress only in a certain one Weekday. The researchers deal with this riddle. Tourists are welcomed especially.
Photocopiers belong to the most important sign of this town in Emoji.

Emoji 2 was a long time on the second place in the country of the Emojis. The town also experienced golden ones times in its history. There even 200,000 inhabitants lived. Later there came many aliens from different planets. The fall of the town began more than 44000 days ago. More and more Emojis left the town.
Later all inhabitants from this area had to be evacuated. The saddest end before proud town of Emoji.
The Saturn's Non Sense fled from a prison of his native country to the country of the Emojis.
There he came to  Crying Laughing Emoji . Non Sense saw for the first time in his life Eucalyptuses. He used these trees as a protection. He caused the Emojis big problems during his presence in this town. He also wanted to earn money with a tax authority.
Thus he undertook several attempts for the construction of a tax authority in the country of the Emojis.
The city name comes from the reaction of the local Emojis to different events on this area.

In Laughing Emoji the most important formula of the kingdom Emoji was officially invented.
Moreover, used Emojis in this area long time a special currency. Later demanded an alien from the Saturn Emojis of this town to the change of the urban currency. The name
of the town comes from an inhabitant with the most amusing face. Emojis had in this town
a crisis because they did not know what they should do with corpses.
The most famous monk in the history Emojis is called Heart Eyes Emoji .

Thus also was the town named of the same name. In comparison to many Emojis he lived especially long. Some researchers argue whether he still not always lives. The monk had to serve regularly in his function as mortician of the city guides. This town is valid as the religious capital in Emoji.
Originally religious Emojis from other areas emigrated. Here they founded together with monk a town which was suitable for the religious life of the Emojis. They lived particularly
Alien Emoji was mentioned for the first time in a book of the aliens from Pluto. As opposed to other towns of the kingdom Emoji aliens and not Emojis are in that city the majority of the inhabitants. The town was founded by an Emoji and an alien together.
This led to a special tradition in the town dictatorship. This rule had to do the equalization the Emojis and the aliens symbolise in this town. This area is valid as a friendship between both living beings.

Poop Emoji has less than 500,000 inhabitants after the last counting of the mathematicians.
Emoji Poops differ from other Emojis by their appearance. So were Emojis of this
town long time discriminated. Above all foreign rulers were responsible for this. In recent
history Emojis Poop were able to organise a peaceful demonstration against the criminalisation of moneymaking. The aim was the abolition of the levy.

Sad Emoji is called the town of the same name. The town was named in such a way, because in the royal family an Emoji with a sad face was born. This fitted the royal family and the Emojis not. They did not want to become depressive. So Sad Emoji got as a compensation with his birth own town. Advanced aliens influenced the development of his town.
Moreover, the sad Emoji learnt different tricks. By energy savings mode paused
he regularly. Emojis searched him in the interim. In spite of his sad face
the history of his life and other Emojis is not sad like Emoji 2.
The town dictator Sad Face Emoji was born in Sad Emoji. He looks sad. His birth was in the clouds. Moreover, he studied the testament of his ancestors. Emojis elected him regularly as their town dictator.

In the east of the country is Cute Emoji . The production of the sweets in this town is very popular in completely Emoji. Dentists criticise this town for too much work.
The sweets of the local factories of Cute Emoji cause a lot of caries with the consumers.
This led to a lack of qualified dentists in the country of the Emojis.
Star Emoji was born luminous and shining. His mother was a Star. Even astronomers thought that Star Emoji was a real star. They looked him with their telescopes.
The famous Emoji inspired Emojis to the naming of the area after his personality.
Like Sad Emoji, he had to change on energy savings mode. In comparison to him Star Emoji had to do this for the life lengthening regularly. The shine this Emojis was especially helpful
in the fight against the enemies of the Emojis.

The king Middle Finger Emoji is valid as a name giver the of the same name ones city in the country of the Emojis.

Monkey Emoji is a relative of the king of Emoji. He had an adventurous childhood.
He became a musician. One day thanks to his relationship with the king of the Emojis he was able to climb up to tourism minister in the government.

For the first April the traditional bread 🍠 is baked by bakers in Emoji even by extra hours.
Emojis love the national bread because they particularly feel fine by the consumption.

An alien from Pluto visited Emoji and wanted to prepare Emojis for the future of the operating system Android in planet earth. He told Emojis about the importance of Android in the future. The alien from Pluto told the history of the company. This information was important for the intelligent promotion of Emojis for Android.

More stories about Emojis: Emoji stories


Interesting Emojis

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Emoji Guide is not religious enough. That's why he changed his place of residence.
He did give away not purchased scholarships to diligent Emojis. By his varied interests
if he studied at several universities in the country of the Emojis. Emoji used the chance, which the death of the Last Horror Clowns proved to him. Moreover, he belonged together with other Emojis to the group against the levy. He took part in the suitable demonstration in Poop Emoji.
He is a professor for jurisprudence and tourism expert. During the interview he tells his position.
Perfect Emoji works as the uppermost boss of a golf enterprise in Japanese Emoji. His enterprise wanted to announce golf among the Emojis. He managed this with his company. He wanted to export the golf balls also to Japan. However, he and other Emojis already noticed fast, that in Japan the game was known. During the interview tells Emoji how he discovered golf for himself. Moreover, he tells
about the first golf course in the country of the Emojis in his hometown Japanese Emoji.
His enterprise produces and expels golf balls in completely Emoji. Beside the supporters of the game there are also opponents of the golf. Some Emojis fear damages by golf courses in the kingdom Emoji.
Moreover, the boss of the company also presents his newest most modern golf ball.
The successful author Letter Emoji dreamt in his childhood about a career as an author.
In addition he practiced daily before falling asleep the writing. His diligence in the childhood led to unusual measures on the part of his parents. In spite of the conflict with the Egoists visited Emoji the planet Mars during his education. Emojis read very much with pleasure his books.
Unusually for an author in Emoji it is that he had even fans among the mosquitoes. Emoji also appears abroad.
Smiley Emoji had on two certain days of the week the wish to become one day actress.
She played above all amusing roles. She was born in Laughing Emoji. Therefore she had the necessary qualities already in the birth. Many Emojis ask from her Selfies. That's why organised Emoji such a day for her fans.
At the beginning Emoji might get no holidays. By a skilful trick she agreed finally, her first holidays. During the interview she speaks about her different roles and her relation to the religion of the Emojis. Although Emoji defends her privacy well,
when an undesirable guest comes and tells details from her private life.
From that Emoji learns for her future. After the conversation several bodyguards waited for her.
They should protect the famous Emoji against curious Emojis.

The investor Emoji Plus speaks during the interview about new laws of his hometown. Some laws complicate to the investors the life. He complains during the interview of the bureaucracy of the Emojis in this area.
Emoji Dictionary studied life philosophy and other areas at different universities of Emoji.
He says during the interview, why the protection of the borders of his town is a very important concern for him.
He explains the position of the Emojis of his hometown in connection with the protection of the valuable ground.
Author Emoji Characters studied the national language at a university. One day she invented her own style. Some Emojis pursue her newest books in home trade.
In his role as a Japanese teacher Emoji Codes nationally became known. During the interview he tells his trick, how he became famous. He sometimes speaks during the interview in Japanese.
Emojis look very much with pleasure the movies with his participation.
Enable Emoji is the uppermost proud boss of the enterprise 3,563,746. His company produces
and sells photocopiers. Special regulations of the legislators are valid for his branch
in Emoji. Moreover, he presents proudly the quality of his devices.
He also explains, why his devices must cause problems with the Emojis.
The former policeman and successful doctoral candidate of the jurisprudence Buy Emoji was able to the briberies do not resist. Later he became even planet-far famous thanks to his doctoral thesis.
He became later thanks to his experiences to the finance boss of the most amusing town in the kingdom Emoji.
Thanks to her stay in the prison the single-minded actress My Emoji was able to get a role in
a movie. There she got to know other Emojis who wanted to become famous in the movie branch.
Later she became so famous, that the tourism minister her as an ambassadress of the country of the Emojis may perform official duties.
Top Emoji could show his talent to other Emojis during a talent show. His girlfriend wanted to send him absolutely there. During the interview one gets to know more from the gifted Emoji.
Most Popular Emoji was born in the religious town in the country of the Emoji. She studied at the beginning religious sciences. Later she wanted to deal nothing with the religion.
Thus she changed her place of residence. She studied politics and jurisprudence. This helped her in the other change of job. She is an advertising ambassadress in Jupiter. There she advertises to Emoji with the stingy aliens.
The future sportsman Emoji Desktop was a problematic child. The whole country had to search for him.
Topically he coaches promising sportsman in the banana throwing.
The famous architect Find The Emoji influenced the architecture in Japanese Emoji at his
times of the famous linguistic teacher. At least, he landed in the history books of the Emojis.
His biography was especially adventurous.
The life of the later parliamentarian Like Emoji led him in his childhood to Saturn.
He represents partly unpopular interests like a higher retirement age for Emojis and the
destruction of the wood in favour of a new town.
Thanks to the Japanese language Emoji 3 could improve his learning abilities. Later if he became the enviable baker under the Emojis.
The qualified actor Emoji Update was born in a family of the butchers. Because butcher's shops in the country of the Emojis were unpopular, his family had to go secretly to the butcher. There if his parents wanted to celebrate his 30th life day with a cake of meat. The states
led to the fact that he got lost. He was adopted by a midwife. His adoptive mother profited from him financially.

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The Professor Plo Onk should be considered as the best Japanese teacher from Japanese Emoji officially. Even the former talented Easter Egg Adverb came as the spirit to her award. She said in an interview about the language education in general Emoji. The special feature of the Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji you can find out already in an interview with the filmmaker Crop Crisps. He presented in short time a comedy about the most average Emoji in the kingdom. His movie was not shot in his home town. He chose the south of the country with the sea. He talks about his work and why he must defend his script. Stable Inferno experienced in his childhood an injustice. The supreme ruler wanted a grandson. For this reason, his twin brother was stolen from the hospital in the Emoji Keyboard. This commanded the ruler himself. In the interview he answered questions about his professional life. News Stand was already in his childhood called as philosopher by his parents. He was in Emoji List life philosopher. He writes regularly new theories. He experimented with different fruits. He invents new words like habit. He describes his complex experiences in the interview. The former business manager of a bank from the Emoji Meaning named Vam Pire experienced many adventures on the search for a storage solution of electricity. He visited even the year 1952 in New Jersey in the USA. There he wanted to meet a famous scientist. He did this also. Just in the technically and technologically sophisticated city Emoji App it came to problems with the software. The chief responsible Mr Inner should be hide ashamed in the bushes in front of the large interview. Chew Chess is the director of clean air of Emoji Meanings and the entire environment. The dust is often in the headlines of the great city of Emoji. The issue of air cleaning was the main topic of conversation in an interview with the head. The well-known national singer Naive Nation was born in Emoji Symbols. There she sings mostly too. She has regular contact with her fans via spam mail. In an interview she spoke about her life as a celebrity singer. The retired supreme judge told in an interview about the most common reasons of the plaintiffs in Emoji Meaning. The biggest problem is the growing greed from both sides. Over and over again he defends himself with the law books of Emoji. He also invented a method of preparation, such as the loser in the process could reassure in advance. The actor Christmas Tree was pelted in his movie premiere with chewing gum from a film critics in the Emoji Keyboard. He said that it was not bad at all. Raw Material was elected to the mouse protection president of Middle Finger Emoji. This even though he is very old. His great-grandsons found it funny that their great-grandfather will work again. His advanced age is the biggest secret of this Emojis. Stick At was born in the musical city Emoji Pop. Later she got after the conquest of the city employment as a leader of a high-tech company in Emoji App. She explains in an interview how her clothes at the touch of a button remote controls to the target.

Emoji Guide Interview

Perfect Emoji Interview

Letter Emoji Interview

Smiley Emoji from Laughing Emoji in Interview

How did the death of the Last Horror Clowns influence the life of the Emojis?

The death of the mighty ruler of the Circus Union caused many events. The lawyers had to work by emergency in new laws of the country of the Emojis. Thus they assembled in the biggest city of the Emojis for a long-early meeting. So that the legislation at high level becomes, specified Emojis came from all regions and towns of the Emoji. The first subject was the contract. Finally, the economy with all its participants should also function after the end of the Circus Union easily. Emojis had to determine the least writing for a juridical valid contract.
Surprises should be thereby prevented on the part of the stingy economic participants. In their discussion lawyers wrote every new law in the code of the Emojis. Thus originated the modern legislation of the people. The work in new laws was disturbed by different events regularly. Besides, some Emojis experienced real adventures.
The main lawyer ordinarily asked a question to his occupational colleagues. Then Emojis discussed possible scenarios from their work experiences. Also they told how similar cases were solved earlier.
In the interim suppliers of drinks and other food also came to the gathered Emojis. Moreover, wrote lawyers which least quality is required in the country of the Emojis. They discussed different subjects from the everyday life of the Emojis and other inhabitants of the country. Law Stories


Newest Stories

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The confidential introduction of the general tax duty for Emojis

Presentation of the first tax return the Emojis by the Minister of Finance

The adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

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Why Emojis demanded a limited partnership as an enterprise form

May Emojis keep wild animals with themselves at home?

The handlings of the Emojis with race discrimination

Why Emojis forced car manufacturers juridical to discounts

Is this ethically correct to sell more expensive in Emoji the same T-shirt in spite of the same costs?

How injurious is the air quality in the trains of Emoji?

What Emojis undertook against undesirable advertisement

What Emojis undertook against seat pains in the job

How retail dealers led Emojis by their stores and motivated for the purchase

Which surprises experienced customs officers in Emoji at their work

Which parties Emojis wished

Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

Why Emojis in spite of snow wanted to order artificial snow

The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run

The Minister of Finance and high-ranking Emojis look for new sources of income

The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

The independent search of the Emojis in the wall clock

The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock

Human Emojis     

👫 Human  

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  pic    Baby Boy Girl Man Woman Family

     🚼    👦   👧    👨   👩   👪

 pic    Friendship Girlfriendship Love Holding Hands Human People

     👬    👭   💑    👫   👤   👥

 pic    Pedestrian Dance Running Cycling Mountain Biking Snowboarding

     🚶     💃    🏃   🚴   🚵    🏂

 pic   Surfing Greeting Goodbye Ok Educator Fearful

    🏄    🙋    🙌   🙆    🙅   🙎

 pic    Depressive  Praying Emoji Prayer Customs Border Control Crosswalk

     🙍     🙇   🙏    🛃   🛂   🚸

 pic    Litter Help Desk Putto

    🚮    💁   👼

Human Emojis Faces

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 pic    Grandfather Grandmother Emojia Bride Police Woman Princess

     👴    👵    👱   👰   👯   👸

 pic     Turban Infant Police Officer Guardsman Construction Worker Chinese Man

     👳    👶    👮   💂   👷   👲

 pic      Santa Claus Kiss

     🎅    💏

Different emotions of Emojis

😁 Smiley

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pic      Emoji Face Laughing Emoji Crying Laughing Emoji Happy Emoji Happy Face Sweating Emoji

     😀    😁    😂   😃   😄   😅

pic     Angry Face Aura Devil Winking Emoji Smile Emoji With Tongue

    😆    😇    😈   😉   😊   😋

pic   Surprised Emoji Heart Eyes Emoji Cool Smirk Neutral Sad Face

    😌    😍    😎   😏   😐   😑

pic   Unhappy Hot Sleeping Emoji Insecure Pleased Female Emoji

    😒    😓   😔    😕   😖   😗

pic  Emoji Woman Wife Of Devil Emoji Wife Emoji Red Eyes Emoji Cunning Nasty

    😘    😙   😚    😛   😜   😝

pic  Dreary Miserable Nervous Sorrowful Crying Emoji Hidden

    😞    😟    😠   😡   😢   😣

pic  Lucky Thinking Sweating Emoji Irritating Annoyed Emoji Shaky Pitiable

   😤    😥    😦   😧   😨   😩

pic  Reading Tired Furious Very Sad Emoji Pink Surprised Emoji Recreation

    😪    😫   😬    😭   😮   😯

pic  Winner Scared Worried Emoji Crooked Mouth Emoji Dreaming Dreamy

    😰    😱   😲    😳   😴   😵

pic  Spying Eyes Doctor Alien Smile Face Smiling Face Very Very Sad Emoji

   😶    😷    👽   ☻   ☺   ☹

Body parts Emojis

👅 Body Parts

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pic  Pig Nose Eyes Ear Nose Mouth Tongue

   🐽    👀    👂    👃  👄   👅

pic   Lips Biceps

    💋    💪

Hands Emojis

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pic  Index Finger Above Index Finger Below Index Finger Left Index Finger Right Fist Hand

    👆    👇    👈    👉   👊  👋

pic  Ok Gesture Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Applause Hands Index Left

   👌    👍    👎   👏   👐    ☚

pic  Index Right Index Finger Pistol Pink Index Finger Orange Index Finger Down Index Finger Raised Fist

    ☛      ☜     ☝    ☞    ☟    ✊

pic  Green Hand Victory Hand

    ✋     ✌

Animals Emojis

🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

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pic  Whale Face Dolphin Bactrian Camel Dromedary Poodle Penguin

   🐳    🐬    🐫   🐪   🐩   🐧

pic  Flying Bird Orange Bird Bird Baby Bird Turtle Pufferfish

   🐦    🐥    🐤   🐣   🐢   🐡

pic  Tropical Fish Fish Seashell Octopus Elephant Wild Boar

   🐠    🐟    🐚   🐙   🐘   🐗

pic  Pig Dog Chicken Rooster Monkey Sheep

   🐖    🐕    🐔   🐓   🐒    🐑

pic  Goat Ovis Horse Snake Whale Crocodile

    🐐    🐏    🐎   🐍   🐋   🐊

pic  Cat Rabbit Leopard Tiger Cow Water Buffalo

    🐈    🐇    🐆   🐅   🐄   🐃

pic  Ox Mouse Rat

    🐂    🐁   🐀

Animal faces Emojis

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pic   Funny Cat Crying Cat Sad Cat Purple Cat Angry Cat Heart Eyes Cat

    🙀    😿    😾   😽   😼   😻

pic   Happy Cat Crying Laughing Cat Black Cat Panda Face Bear Face Wolf Face

   😺    😹    😸   🐼    🐻   🐺

pic   Hamster Face Frog Face Pig Face Dog Face Monkey Face Horse Face

   🐹    🐸    🐷   🐶    🐵   🐴

pic   Cat Face Rabbit Face Tiger Face Cow Face Mouse Face Koala

   🐱    🐰    🐯   🐮    🐭   🐨

pic   Halloween Snail Iwazaru Kikazaru Mizaru

    👾    🙊    🙉   🙈


Insect Emojis

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pic  Snail Arthropod Ant Honey Bee Coccinellidae

   🐌    🐛    🐜   🐝    🐞


Plants Emojis

🌲 Plants

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pic  Seedling Evergreen Tree Palm Cactus Tulip

   🌱    🌲    🌳    🌴   🌵   🌷

pic  Cherry Blossom Rose Hibiscus Sunflower Flower Maize

   🌸    🌹    🌺    🌻   🌼   🌽

pic  Rice Fern Four Leaf Clover Maple Leaf Abscission Yellow Leaf

   🌾    🌿    🍀    🍁   🍂    🍃

pic   Mushroom Chestnut Pinales Flower Bouquet 7 Days Flower Green Flower

    🍄    🌰    🎄    💐   💮   ❀

pic   5 Flower Blossom Shamrock Fleuron Flower Fleuron

    ✿      ⚘    ☘     ✾     ☙

Fruit Emojis

🍇 Fruits and Vegetables

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pic  Grape Melon Watermelon Tangerine Lemon Banana

   🍇     🍈   🍉    🍊   🍋    🍌

pic  Pineapple Apple Golden Apple Pear Peach Cherry

   🍍     🍎   🍏    🍐   🍑    🍒

pic  Strawberry


Vegetable Emojis

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pic  Eggplant Tomato

   🍆     🍅


Geography Emojis

🌈 Geography and Weather

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pic   Cyclone Cloud Sunrise Sunrise 2 Morning Rainbow

   🌀     🌁   🌄    🌅   🌇   🌈

pic  Wind Wave Volcano Galaxy Europe Asia Africa North-America South-America Asia Australia

   🌊     🌋   🌌    🌍   🌎   🌏

pic  Globe Big Cloud Rainy Cloud Cover Rain Thundershower

   🌐     ☁    ☔     ⛅    ⛆    ⛈

pic  Snowman Brown Snowman Snowman With Cap Mountain Gemstone Black Diamond

    ☃     ⛇    ⛄     ⛰    💎    ❖

Planet Emojis

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pic  Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn

    ☿      ♀     ♁      ♂    ♃      ♄

pic  Uranus Neptune Pluto Ceres 2 Pallas 3 Juno

   ♅       ♆     ♇     ⚳    ⚴     ⚵

pic  4 Vesta 2060 Chiron Uranus Sign

   ⚶      ⚷     ⛢  

Sun and Moon Emojis

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pic  New Moon Lunar Phase Half Moon Moon 80 Full Moon Moon 70

   🌑    🌒    🌓   🌔   🌕   🌖

pic Moon 50 Moon 20 Crescent Full Moon Face Half Moon Face 50 Moon Face

   🌗     🌘   🌙    🌚   🌛    🌜

pic  50 Moon Face Moon Moonlight Sun Solar The Sun

   🌝     ☽     ☾     🌞   🔆    ☼

Star Emojis

🌟 Stars

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pic   Star Falling Star Vertigo Hexagram Star Emoji Black Star

    🌟     🌠    💫   🔯    ☆   ★

pic  Pentagram Sixstar Pentalpha Pentangle Star Pentagon Five Pointed Star

    ⚝     ⚹    ⛤    ⛥    ⛦     ⛧

pic  Blue Star Orange Star Stars Geometric Star Circled White Star Open Center Green Star

   ✦      ✧     ✨    ✩     ✪     ✫

pic  Open Center Black Star Black Center White Star Outlined Black Star Heavy Outlined Black Star Pinwheel Star Shadowed White Star

   ✫      ✬     ✭     ✮    ✯      ✰

pic  Asterisk Open Centre Asterisk Eight Spoked Asterisk Eight Pointed Black Star Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star Six Pointed Star

   ✱      ✲    ✳     ✴    ✵      ✶

pic  Eight Pointed Star Eight Pointed Orange Star 12 Pointed Star Sixteen Pointed Asterisk Six Pointed Asterisk 6 Pointed Asterisk

   ✷     ✸     ✹     ✺    ✻      ✼

pic  Dark Six Pointed Asterisk 8 Flower Blue Sky With a White Sun Pink Asterisk Blue Snowflake Snowflake

   ✽     ❁     ❂     ❃    ❄      ❅

pic  Green Snowflake Sparkle Heavy Sparkle Balloon Spoked Asterisk Eight Teardrop Spoked Propeller Asterisk Heavy Eight Teardrop Spoked Propeller Asterisk

   ❆      ❇    ❈     ❉    ❊     ❋

Food Emojis

🍳 Food and Drink

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pic   Hamburger Pizza Bone In Meat Chicken Leg Onigiri Congee

   🍔     🍕   🍖    🍗   🍙    🍚

pic  Curry Spaghetti Macaroni Bread Chips National Bread

   🍛     🍜   🍝    🍞   🍟    🍠

pic Dango Japanese Dish Sushi Fried Prawn Narutomaki Ice Cream

   🍡     🍢   🍣    🍤   🍥   🍦

pic Shaved Ice Ice Cream Cocktail Donut Cookie Chocolate Candy

   🍧     🍨   🍩    🍪   🍫   🍬

pic  Lollipop Flan Honey Shortcake Bento Hot Pot

   🍭     🍮   🍯    🍰   🍱   🍲

pic  Fried Egg Cake Capsule

   🍳     🎂   💊

Drink Emojis

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pic  Teacup Shuki Glass Cocktail Glass Cocktail Football Drink

   🍵     🍶   🍷   🍸    🍹   🍺

pic  Goodwill Baby Bottle Drinking Water Drink

   🍻     🍼   🚰   ☕  

High tech Emojis

💾 High-Tech

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pic  Movie Camera Headphones Barbers Pole Idea Personal Computer Minidisc

   🎥    🎧     💈    💡   💻   💽

pic  Diskette Optical Disc DVD Handset Pager Satellite Dish

   💾    💿    📀   📞   📟    📡

pic  Horn Loudspeaker Megaphone Mobile Phone Call Vibrating Alert Offline

   📢    📣    📱   📲    📳   📴

pic  Mobile Phone Signal Camera Video Camera Television Set Radio Receiver Videotape

   📶    📷    📹   📺   📻    📼

pic  Battery Microscope Telescope Horror Clown Telephone Old Phone

   🔋    🔬    🔭   ☎    ☏

Clock and time Emojis

🕖 Clock and Time

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pic  1 O'Clock 2 O'Clock 3 O'Clock 4 O'Clock 5 O'Clock 6 O'Clock

   🕐    🕑    🕒   🕓    🕔   🕕

pic  7 O'Clock 8 O'Clock 9 O'Clock 10 O'Clock 11 O'Clock 12 O'Clock

   🕖    🕗    🕘   🕙    🕚   🕛

pic 1.5 O'Clock 2.5 O'Clock 3.5 O'Clock 4.5 O'Clock 5.5 O'Clock 6.5 O'Clock

   🕜    🕝    🕞   🕟    🕠   🕡

pic 7.5 O'Clock 8.5 O'Clock 9.5 O'Clock 10.5 O'Clock 11.5 O'Clock 12.5 O'Clock

   🕢    🕣    🕤   🕥    🕦   🕧

Smartphone and computer signs Emojis

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pic  Shuffle Play Loop Loop 1 Meta Refresh Refresh Brightness

   🔀    🔁    🔂   🔃    🔄   🔅

pic Brightness Day Mute Loudspeaker Loudspeaker In Use Loudly Plug

   🔆    🔇    🔈    🔉     🔊   🔌

pic  Bell Silent Mode Tape Drive

   🔔    🔕     ✇

Geometric Emojis


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pic  Caries Perspiration Manga Square White Square Circle

   🍘    💦    💧    🔲    🔳    🔴

pic  Round Rhombus Green Rhombus Red Rhombus Dark Rhombus Triangle

   🔵     🔶    🔷    🔸    🔹    🔺

pic  Yellow Triangle Little Triangle Green Little Triangle Yellow Point Green Point Little Point

   🔻     🔼    🔽    ⚪    ⚫    ⚬

pic  Square With Line Square Rhombus 4 Little Squares Shadowed White Circle Negative Squared Cross Mark Lower Right Drop Shadowed White Square

    ⚼     ⛋    ⛚     ❍    ❎    ❏

pic  Upper Right Drop Shadowed White Square Lower Right Shadowed White Square Upper Right Shadowed White Square Intersection

   ❐      ❑    ❒     ⛶

Heart Emojis

💘 Hearts

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pic  Love Letter Wedding Beating Heart Broken Heart 2 Hearts Sparkling Heart

   💌     💒   💓   💔    💕   💖

pic  Growing Heart Heart With Arrow Blue Heart Green Heart Yellow Heart Purple Heart

   💗     💘   💙   💚    💛   💜

pic  Heart With Ribbon Revolving Hearts Heart Decoration Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament Heavy Black Heart Rotated Heavy Black Heart

   💝     💞   💟    ❣    ❤     ❥

pic  Rotated Floral Heart Floral Heart

    ❦      ❧

Astrological signs Emojis

Astrological signs

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pic  Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo

   ♈     ♉     ♊    ♋     ♌    ♍

pic  Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

   ♎      ♏     ♐    ♑    ♒    ♓

pic  Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Dark Red Ophiuchus

    ⚺     ⚻    ⛎


Ban signs Emojis

📵 Ban signs

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pic  Cell Phone Ban Age Of Majority 18 No Sign Smoking Ban Litter Ban Drinking Ban

   📵    🔞    🚫   🚭   🚯    🚱

pic  Bicycle Ban Walking Ban

   🚳    🚷

Japanese signs Emojis

🎋 Japanese signs

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pic  Tanabata Kenkoku Kinen No Hi Kadomatsu Hinamatsuri Koinobori Tsukimi

   🎋    🎌    🎍   🎎    🎏   🎑

pic  Hanafuda Japanese Postal Mark Izakaya Japanese Castle Namahage Tengu

   🎴    🏣    🏮   🏯    👹   👺

pic  Kawaii Japanese Stock Exchange Japanese Cutlery Wakaba Mark Fujisan Tokyo Tawa

   💠     💹   🔪   🔰    🗻   🗼

pic  Japan Shogi Japanese Chess Igo Igo 2 Green Igo

   🗾     ☖    ⛊    ⚆    ⚇    ⚈

pic  Green Igo Green Igo 2 Yin And Yang Yin And Yang 2 Yin And Yang 3 Yin And Yang 4

   ⚈      ⚉     ⚊    ⚋     ⚌     ⚍

pic   Yin And Yang 5 Yin And Yang 6 Japanese Shogi Shogi Chess Onsen

    ⚎     ⚏    ⛉    ⛊    ♨

Tool Emojis

🔫 Tools

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pic  Umbrella Cutlery Magnifying Glass Hand Lens Flashlight Wrench

   🌂    🍴   🔍   🔎   🔦    🔧

pic  Hammer Nut Pistol Cristal Ball Trident Flag

   🔨     🔩   🔫   🔮   🔱    🚩

pic  Pink Umbrella White Flag Black Flag Hammer And Pick Anchor Swords Fight

   ☂      ⚐     ⚑   ⚒    ⚓     ⚔

pic  Weighing Scale Gear Pickaxe Beach Umbrella Fuel Pump Scissors In Action

   ⚖     ⚙     ⛏    ⛱    ⛽    ✁

pic  Scissors Black Scissors Big Scissors Syringe

   ✂     ✃     ✄    💉

Security Emojis

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pic  Https Lock Key Locked Unlocked Baggage Reclaim

   🔏     🔐   🔑   🔒   🔓    🛄

pic  Lost Luggage Parental Controls Snow Chains Chain

   🛅     ⚿    ⛓    🔗

Book and paper Emojis

💰 Money and Paper

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pic  Page Paper Calendar Date Clipboard Bookmark

   📃    📄    📅   📆    📋   📑

pic  Ledger Notebook Notepad Book Opened Book Dictionary

   📒    📓   📔    📕    📖   📗

pic  E Book User Guide Library Name Tag Scroll Memorandum

   📘    📙    📚   📛    📜   📝

pic Newspaper Bookmark Ahead

   📰    🔖

Email and post Emojis

📧 Mail

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pic  Upload Download Parcel Email Inbox Send

   📤    📥    📦   📧   📨   📩

pic  Closed Letter Box Royal Letter Box Opened Royal Letter Box Opened Letter Box Post Box

   📪    📫    📬   📭   📮

Office tools

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pic  Seat Briefcase File Folder Folder Index Card Line Chart

   💺    💼    📁   📂    📇   📈

pic   Black Friday Bar Chart Drawing Pin Thumb Tack Paper Clip Ruler

    📉    📊    📌   📍    📎   📏

pic   Set Square Fax Public Administration Envelope Writing Pencil

    📐    📠    ⛣    ✉     ✍    ✎

pic  Colored Pencil Geometric Pencil Nib Black Nib

   ✏     ✐     ✑    ✒

Home tools

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pic  Toilet Flush Toilet Shower Bathing Bathtub Door

   🚽    🚾    🚿   🛀   🛁    🚪

Money Emojis

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pic  Ticket Bank Bankomat Money Bag Currency Exchange Dollar Sign

   🎫    🏦   🏧   💰    💱   💲

pic  Credit Card Japanese Yen Banknote Federal Reserve Note Euro Banknote Pound Sterling Banknote Consumption

   💳    💴    💵   💶   💷    💸

Bad Emojis

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pic  Skull And Crossbones Radiation Biohazard Symbol Coffin Cremation Urns Traffic Collision

   ☠     ☢     ☣    ⚰     ⚱   ⛌

pic  Cemetery Skull

   ⛼     💀

Religious symbols Emojis

Religious Symbols

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pic   Caduceus Ankh Orthodox Cross Chi Rho Cross Of Lorraine Cross Potent

    ☤      ☥     ☦     ☧      ☨     ☩

pic  Star And Crescent Peace Symbol Taijitu Syriac Orthodox Church Syrian Orthodox Church Red Cross

   ☪     ☮     ☯    ♰    ♱    ⛨

pic  Church Cross 4 Squares Union Square Cross Christian Cross Crucifix

   ⛪     ✙    ✛     ✜    ✝     ✞

pic  Latin Cross Cross Pattee Magen David Green Cross Round Cross Cross Bottony

   ✟      ✠    ✡     ✢    ✣    ✤

pic Cross Bottony Trefly


Bagua Emojis

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pic  Qian Dui Li Zhen Xun Kan

   ☰     ☱    ☲     ☳    ☴    ☵

pic  Gen Kun

   ☶     ☷

Entertainment Emojis

🎆 Entertainment

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pic  Fireworks Sparkler Balloon Party Popper Confetti Carousel

   🎆    🎇    🎈   🎉   🎊   🎠

pic  Ferris Wheel Roller Coaster Stage Paint Palette Circus Clapperboard

   🎡    🎢    🎦   🎨   🎪   🎬

pic  Performing Arts Video Game Bullseye The Slots Billiard Dice

   🎭    🎮    🎯   🎰   🎱    🎲

pic  Bowling Tennis Skiing Basketball Chequered Flag Trophy

   🎳    🎾   🎿    🏀   🏁    🏆

pic  Horse Racing American Football Rugby Ball Swimmer Bomb Crash

   🏇    🏈    🏉   🏊   💣    💥

pic  Rowing King Queen Rook Bishop Knight

   🚣    ♔     ♕   ♖    ♗      ♘

pic  Pawn King Chess Queen Chess Rook Chess Bishop Chess Knight Chess

   ♙     ♚     ♛   ♜    ♝      ♞

pic  Pawn Chess Spades Hearts Diamonds Clubs Spades Brown

   ♟     ♠     ♡    ♢    ♣      ♤

pic  Black Heart Diamonds Green Purple Clubs Dice 1 Dice 2 Dice 3

   ♥     ♦      ♧    ⚀    ⚁     ⚂

pic  Dice 4 Dice 5 Dice 6 Football Baseball Draughts White

   ⚃      ⚄    ⚅    ⚽    ⚾     ⛀

pic  Draughts White King Draughts Black Draughts Black King Snow Skiing Gear Ice Rink Gym

   ⛁    ⛂      ⛃    ⛷    ⛸     ⛹

pic  Campsite Wind Chime

   ⛺    🎐

Music Emojis

🎼 Music

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pic Musical Note Melody Sheet Music Crotchet Quaver Eighth Note

   🎵    🎶    🎼   ♩     ♪     ♫

pic  Semiquaver Flat Natural Music Diesis

    ♬      ♭     ♮    ♯

Music instruments Emojis

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pic  Microphone Saxophone Guitar Musical Keyboard Trumpet Violin

   🎤    🎷    🎸   🎹    🎺   🎻

pic Post Horn


Arrow Emojis


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pic Heavy Wide Headed Rightward Arrow Heavy South East Arrow Heavy Rightward Arrow Heavy North East Arrow Drafting Point Rightward Arrow Heavy Round Tipped Rightward Arrow

    ➔     ➘     ➙    ➚     ➛    ➜

pic  Triangle Headed Rightward Arrow Heavy Triangle Headed Rightward Arrow Dashed Triangle Headed Rightward Arrow Heavy Dashed Triangle Headed Rightward Arrow Black Rightward Arrow Three D Top Lighted Rightward Arrowhead

    ➝     ➞    ➟    ➠     ➡    ➢

pic  Three D Bottom Lighted Rightward Arrowhead Black Rightward Arrowhead Heavy Black Curved Downward And Rightward Arrow Heavy Black Curved Upward And Rightward Arrow Squat Black Rightward Arrow Heavy Concave Pointed Black Rightward Arrow

    ➣     ➤    ➥    ➦     ➧     ➨

pic  Right Shaded White Rightward Arrow Left Shaded White Rightward Arrow Back Tilted Shadowed White Rightward Arrow Front Tilted Shadowed White Rightward Arrow Heavy Lower Right Shadowed White Rightward Arrow Heavy Upper Right Shadowed White Rightward Arrow

    ➩     ➪    ➫    ➬    ➭      ➮

pic  Notched Lower Right Shadowed White Rightward Arrow Curly Loop Notched Upper Right Shadowed White Rightward Arrow Circled Heavy White Rightward Arrow White Feathered Rightward Arrow Black Feathered South East Arrow

    ➯     ➰    ➱    ➲     ➳     ➴

pic  Black Feathered Rightward Arrow Black Feathered North East Arrow Heavy Black Feathered South East Arrow Heavy Black Feathered Rightward Arrow Heavy Black Feathered North East Arrow Teardrop Barbed Rightward Arrow

    ➵     ➶    ➷    ➸    ➹     ➺

pic  Heavy Teardrop Shanked Rightward Arrow Wedge Tailed Rightward Arrow Heavy Wedge Tailed Rightward Arrow Open Outlined Rightward Arrow top Soon

    ➻     ➼     ➽    ➾   🔝    🔜

pic  On End Soon

   🔛    🔚    🔙

Number Emojis

💯 Number

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pic  100 10 1234 Dingbat Negative Circled Digit One Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Two Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Three

   💯    🔟    🔢    ❶    ❷     ❸

pic  Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Four Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Five Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Six Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Seven Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Eight Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Nine

    ❹      ❺    ❻      ❼    ❽     ❾

pic  Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Ten Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit One Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Two Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Three Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Four Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Five

    ❿      ➀    ➁      ➂    ➃     ➄

pic  Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Six Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Seven Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Eight Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Nine Dingbat Circled Sans Serif Digit Ten Number 1

   ➅      ➆    ➇      ➈    ➉     ➊

pic  Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7

   ➋      ➌    ➍      ➎    ➏     ➐

pic Number 8 Number 9 Number 10

   ➑      ➒    ➓

Building Emojis

🏤 Building

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pic Night City Cityscape Night Bridge House Home Building

   🌃    🌆    🌉   🏠   🏡   🏢

pic  Post Hospital Lodging Heart Lodging Convenience Store Education

   🏤    🏥    🏨   🏩   🏪   🏫

pic  Factory Castle Torii Castellum

   🏭    🏰    ⛩    ⛫

Transport Emojis

🚂 Transport

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pic  Rocket Helicopter Steam Locomotive Passenger Car High Speed Rail Shinkansen

   🚀    🚁   🚂    🚃   🚄    🚅

pic  Inter City Rail Rapid Transit Light Rail Train Station Tram Trolley

   🚆    🚇   🚈    🚉   🚊    🚋

pic  Bus Motorbus Trolleybus Bus Stop Minibus Ambulance

   🚌    🚍    🚎   🚏   🚐   🚑

pic  Fire Engine Police Car Prowler Taxicab Taxi Car

   🚒    🚓    🚔   🚕   🚖   🚗

pic  Motor Vehicle Sport Utility Vehicle Truck Semi Trailer Truck Tractor Monorail

   🚘    🚙    🚚   🚛   🚜   🚝

pic  Mountain Railway Suspension Railway Cable Car Aerial Tramway Ship Motorboat

   🚞    🚟    🚠   🚡   🚢   🚤

pic  Powerboat Traffic Lights Roadworks Emergency Vehicle Lighting Bicycle Breakdown

    🚥     🚦    🚧    🚨   🚲   ⛍

pic  Road Conditions Roadblock No Entry Right And Left Hand Traffic Oncoming Traffic Oncoming Traffic Earth

   ⛐     ⛒    ⛔     ⛕    ⛖   ⛗

pic  Lane Starts And Ends Lane Starts And Ends In Emoji Yield Sign Traffic Sign Roadblock Square Road Sign

   ⛘     ⛙    ⛛     ⛜    ⛝   ⛞

pic  Caution Sign Green Truck Traffic Sign Left Traffic Sign Middle Finger Emoji Ferry Sailboat

   ☡      ⛟    ⛠     ⛡    ⛴   ⛵

pic  Airplane


Clothing Emojis

👚 Clothing

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pic  Ribbon Graduate Cap Top Hat Sleeveless Shirt Crown Hat

   🎀    🎓    🎩   🎽   👑   👒

pic  Glasses Tie T-Shirt Jeans Dress Kimono

   👓    👔    👕   👖   👗   👘

pic  Bikini Clothing Coin Purse Handbag Pouch Shoe

   👙    👚    👛   👜   👝   👞

pic  Sneakers High Heels Sandal Fashion Boot Ring

   👟     👠   👡   👢   💍

Bag Emojis

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pic  Gift Satchel Shopping

   🎁     🎒   🏬

Grammar and mathematical sign Emojis

Grammar and Mathematical

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pic  Plus Green Question Mark Ornament Black Question Mark Ornament White Question Mark Ornament White Exclamation Mark Ornament Heavy Exclamation Mark Symbol

   ✚      ❓    ❓    ❔     ❕    ❗

pic  Light Vertical Bar Medium Vertical Bar Heavy Vertical Bar Heavy Single Turned Comma Quotation Mark Ornament Heavy Single Comma Quotation Mark Ornament Heavy Double Turned Comma Quotation Mark Ornament

    ❘        ❙      ❚     ❛    ❜   ❝

pic  Heavy Double Comma Quotation Mark Ornament Heavy Low Single Comma Quotation Mark Ornament Heavy Low Double Comma Quotation Mark Ornament Curved Stem Paragraph Sign Ornament Heavy Exclamation Mark Ornament Medium Left Parenthesis Ornament

   ❞      ❟    ❠    ❡      ❢   ❨

pic  Medium Right Parenthesis Ornament Medium Flattened Left Parenthesis Ornament Medium Flattened Right Parenthesis Ornament Medium Left Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament Medium Right Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament Heavy Left Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament

    ❩     ❪    ❫   ❬      ❭   ❮

pic  Heavy Right Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament Heavy Left Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament Heavy Right Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament Light Left Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament Light Right Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament Medium Left Curly Bracket Ornament

   ❯      ❰    ❱   ❲      ❳   ❴

pic  Medium Right Curly Bracket Ornament Plus Emoji Minus Fraction Bar

   ❵      ➕    ➖   ➗

Lifestyle Emojis

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pic  Lipstick Manicure Massage Hairstyle

   💄     💅   💆   💇

Warning triangle Emojis

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pic Universal Recycling Symbol Polyethylene Terephthalate High Density Polyethylene Polyvinyl Chloride Low Density Polyethylene Polypropylene

   ♲      ♳    ♴    ♵    ♶    ♷

pic  Polystyrene Other Plastics Resin Identification Code Recycling Symbol Recycling Recycling Obligation

   ♸      ♹    ♺    ♻    ♼    ♽

pic  Warning Sign


Historical and cultural Emojis

Historical and Cultural

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pic  Halloween Pumpkin Dragon Chinese Dragon Ghost Imp Statue Of Liberty

   🎃    🐉    🐲   👻    👿   🗽

pic  Moai Emblem Of Iran Khanda Hammer And Sickle Dharmachakra Nehushtan

   🗿     ☫     ☬     ☭     ☸    ⚕

pic  Kerukeion Lilith Historic Site Fleur De Lis

    ⚚      ⚸    ⛬    ⚜

Gender Emojis


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pic  Double Female Sign Double Male Sign Male Female Sign Gender Symbol Male Emoji Sign Gender Peace

    ⚢      ⚣    ⚤    ⚥    ⚦    ⚧

pic  Iron 2 Sulfate Magnesium Marriage Divorce Partnership Yellow Symbol

    ⚨      ⚩    ⚭    ⚮    ⚯    ⚲

Electricity Emojis

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pic  Fire Comet Lightning Thunderstorm High Voltage Mill

   🔥     ☄     ☇     ☈     ⚡    ⛭

pic  Power Station Lighthouse

   ⛮     ⛯

Checkbox Emojis


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pic  Checkbox Checked Unchecked Saltire Check Mark Checkmark

   ☐     ☑     ☒    ☓     ✅    ✓

pic  Heavy Check Mark Multiplication Sign Heavy Multiplication Ballot X Heavy Ballot X Cross Mark

   ✔     ✕     ✖    ✗     ✘    ❌

Place Emojis


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pic  Fishing Male Emoji Female Human Public Toilet Fountain Drive-In

   🎣    🚹   🚺    🚻   ⛲    ⛾

pic  Military Base Phone Golf Course Road International Symbol Of Acacess

   ⛿     ✆    ⛳     ⛑   ♿

Different Emojis

🐾 Different

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pic  Footprint Human Footprint Anger Sleep Sprint Feces

    🐾    👣   💢    💤   💨   💩

pic  Speech Balloon Speech Bubbles Radio Bubbles ABCD ACBD Symbols

   💬    💭   🔘    🔠   🔡   🔣

pic  ABC Point Ascending Node Descending Node Astronomical Conjunction Astronomical Opposition

    🔤    ☉    ☊     ☋     ☌     ☍

pic  Acid Free Paper Alembic Rutherford Model Opened Captioning Closed Captioning Yellow Credit

   ♾     ⚗    ⚛     ⚞    ⚟   ⛻

pic  Double Curly Loop



International Emojis

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Abkhazia Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra

🇦🇧   🇦🇫   🇦🇱   🇩🇿  🇦🇸  🇦🇩

Angola Anguilla Antigua And Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba

🇦🇴   🇦🇮   🇦🇬  🇦🇷  🇦🇲  🇦🇼

Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh

🇦🇺   🇦🇹   🇦🇿  🇧🇸  🇧🇭   🇧🇩

Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda

🇧🇧   🇧🇾   🇧🇪   🇧🇿   🇧🇯   🇧🇲

Bhutan Bolivia Bonaire Bosnia And Herzegovina Botswana Brazil

🇧🇹   🇧🇴   BQ  🇧🇦  🇧🇼  🇧🇷

British Virgin Islands Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia

🇻🇬   🇧🇳  🇧🇬  🇧🇫   🇧🇮    🇰🇭

Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad

🇨🇲  🇨🇦  🇨🇻  🇰🇾   🇨🇫   🇹🇩

Chile Christmas Island Cocos Keeling Islands Collectivity Of Saint Martin Colombia Comoros

🇨🇱   🇨🇽   🇨🇨  🇲🇫  🇨🇴  🇰🇲

Cook Islands Costa Rica Costa Rica State Côte d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba

🇨🇰   🇨🇷  CRS  🇨🇮   🇭🇷  🇨🇺

Curaçao Cyprus Czech Republic Democratic Republic Of The Congo Denmark Djibouti

🇨🇼  🇨🇾   🇨🇿  🇨🇩  🇩🇰  🇩🇯

Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador

🇩🇲  🇩🇴  TP  🇪🇨   🇪🇬   🇸🇻

Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Falkland Islands Faroe Islands

🇬🇶  🇪🇷   🇪🇪   🇪🇹   🇫🇰   🇫🇴

Federated States of Micronesia Fiji Finland FLNKS France French Guiana

🇫🇲   🇫🇯   🇫🇮    FS    🇫🇷   🇬🇫

French Polynesia - Norway flag Emojis

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French Polynesia Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana

🇵🇫   🇬🇦  🇬🇲  🇬🇪  🇩🇪   🇬🇭

Gibraltar Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe (local) Guam

🇬🇮    🇬🇷  🇬🇱   🇬🇩  🇬🇵  🇬🇺

Guatemala Guernsey Guinea Guinea Bissau Guyana Haiti

🇬🇹   🇬🇬  🇬🇳  🇬🇼  🇬🇾  🇭🇹

Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia

🇭🇳  🇭🇰   🇭🇺  🇮🇸   🇮🇳    🇮🇩

Iran Iraq Ireland Isle Of Man Israel Italy

🇮🇷    🇮🇶    🇮🇪    🇮🇲   🇮🇱    🇮🇹

Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya

🇯🇲   🇯🇵   🇯🇪    🇯🇴   🇰🇿   🇰🇪

Kiribati Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia

🇰🇮    🇽🇰   🇰🇼  🇰🇬  🇱🇦   🇱🇻

Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania

🇱🇧   🇱🇸    🇱🇷   🇱🇾    🇱🇮    🇱🇹

Luxembourg Macau Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia

🇱🇺   🇲🇴  🇲🇰 🇲🇬 🇲🇼  🇲🇾

Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Martinique Mauritania

🇲🇻  🇲🇱  🇲🇹  🇲🇭  🇲🇶 🇲🇷

Mauritius Mayotte (local) Mexico Moldova Monaco Mongolia

🇲🇺  🇾🇹   🇲🇽  🇲🇩 🇲🇨  🇲🇳

Montenegro Montserrat Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Namibia

🇲🇪  🇲🇸  🇲🇦 🇲🇿  🇲🇲  🇳🇦

Nauru Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger

🇳🇷   🇳🇵   🇳🇱  🇳🇿  🇳🇮   🇳🇪

Nigeria Niue Norfolk Island Northern Mariana Islands North Korea Norway

🇳🇬   🇳🇺  🇳🇫  🇲🇵  🇰🇵  🇳🇴

Oman - Slovenia flag Emojis

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Oman Pakistan Palau Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea

🇴🇲  🇵🇰   🇵🇼  🇵🇸  🇵🇦  🇵🇬

Paraguay People's Republic of China Peru Philippines Pitcairn Islands Poland

🇵🇾   🇨🇳   🇵🇪  🇵🇭   🇵🇳  🇵🇱

Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Republic of China Republic Of The Congo Réunion (VAR)

🇵🇹   🇵🇷   🇶🇦  🇹🇼  🇨🇬  🇷🇪

Romania Russia Rwanda Saba Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Saint Barthelemy (local)

🇷🇴   🇷🇺  🇷🇼  SA  🇪🇭  🇧🇱

Saint Helena Saint Kitts And Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Pierre And Miquelon Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Samoa

🇸🇭   🇰🇳   LC  🇵🇲  🇻🇨  🇼🇸

San Marino Sao Tome And Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles

🇸🇲   🇸🇹   🇸🇦  🇸🇳  🇷🇸   🇸🇨

Sierra Leone Singapore Sint Eustatius Sint Maarten Slovakia Slovenia

🇸🇱   🇸🇬   SIE   🇸🇽   🇸🇰  🇸🇮

Solomon Islands - Zimbabwe flag Emojis

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Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Korea South Sudan Spain

🇸🇧   🇸🇴   🇿🇦  🇰🇷  🇸🇸  🇪🇸

Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Swaziland Sweden Switzerland

🇱🇰   🇸🇩   🇸🇷   🇸🇿   🇸🇪   🇨🇭

Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tokelau

🇸🇾   🇹🇯    🇹🇿   🇹🇭   🇹🇬  🇹🇰

Tonga Trinidad And Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks And Caicos Islands

🇹🇴   🇹🇹   🇹🇳  🇹🇷   🇹🇲  🇹🇨

Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States

🇹🇻   🇺🇬   🇺🇦  🇦🇪  🇬🇧  🇺🇸

United States Virgin Islands Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela

VI   🇺🇾   🇺🇿   🇻🇺  🇻🇦    🇻🇪

Vietnam Wallis And Futuna Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

🇻🇳   🇼🇫   🇾🇪  🇿🇲  🇿🇼


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