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Read short stories of alien Sweasy26 about Emojis and Aliens

Emoji is a country on the planet Halloween. The kingdom belongs to one of the most-inhabited countries of the planet. Many people of the planet earth use with pleasure their photos. Besides, the ministry of tourism deals with the increase of the fame of the Emojis every possible working day. Since the expulsion of the elective dictators rules Devil Emoji . He is the official descendant of the royal family. Prematurely of the Circus Union his great-grandfather ruled as a king of the country Emoji. His residence is in the capital of the country Emoji SMS. According to different opinions Emojis are partial people and extraterrestrials. For the discovery of the word Emoji there are many theories. The first mention of the name Emoji were found in a subterranean hiding place of the former Circus Kingdom. The other version concerns Japanese Emoji There Japanese lived very long time. They explained

to the local population that the concept means by chance something in Japanese. Emojis in this town were able to do hardly think that their name could mean something in Japanese. Maybe that's why Japanese called the local inhabitants "Emojis". Who would like to become a politician, lawyer or judge in the amusing country, absolutely had to go to live to Emoji Opinion  by the yellow sea. There the suitable universities exist for the opinion education. More than 777 days ago the Salted Cucumbers at the personal command of their king occupied the musical town Emoji Pop. For the kingdom Emoji the darker side of the modern history began with it after the independence from

the Circus Union and the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. By the conquest of the town the whole country lacks musicians and professionally singing Emojis. Of course there are singers and musicians from other towns of the country, but they are not gifted so musically like their colleagues from the occupied town. The biggest town in the north-east of the kingdom Emoji Meanings  has particularly a lot of dust. Some critics of the town accuse 2,898,989

inhabitants for this state. Chimney-sweeps symbolise this town. The air quality often suffers in this town. The dusty city dreams of it one day again of becoming the capital city of Emoji. The city was some time in its history the capital of the country. Moreover, there exist very funny monuments to too different areas of life and holidays. The dusty city also has a very stingy neighbouring town Emoji Meaning This neighbouring town was influenced in the

history very strongly by the extraterrestrials from the Jupiter. A miser invented and advertised for the law of the thrift. At that time many eager Emojis liked this miser and had his appearances with pleasure. His creativity liked

most inhabitants of this small town. The thrift of this town led to a special command of the king Devil Emoji. He ordered the construction of the denture factory in this town.  Many Emojis and other inhabitants of the area have problems with their teeth. Military arrangements became active built in Emoji Town That's why this town is valid as a sort of capital city of the army of the kingdom Emoji. The whole place is known as a military base of the country.

From the Saturn came a mysterious media entrepreneur called Tycoon to Middle Finger Emoji. He read many books on the subject Immortality. Better said, he read books for the lengthening of the life expectancy. According to some authors

there was somewhere on the planet Halloween especially good earth. Really he could find the secret of the good earth in this area of the country of Emoji. Tycoon was a very popular employer in his new adoptive country town.

Other entrepreneurs from other planets were very with envy on him later. He survived several rulers in the town. Later he became the target of the curious researchers. At that time he started to regret his long life. When the First Horror Clown ruled in the Circus Union, had Emoji Face to be renamed to Horror Clown Faces at the order of the ruler. In this town the minds of the city founders assembled in the wood. Many Emojis reported  about that even quite publicly and uncensored. The city is officially responsible for the university of the humor sciences. Many entertainers of the population come as qualified actors, comedians and other artists from this region. The island  Emoji Backpack experienced the technical miracle of the electric toothbrush already at the times of the extraterrestrials from Pluto. By an amusing historical event the circus city of Emoji got its topical name Emoji Clown. This place is known as the native country of the home circuses. Earlier visited Horror Clowns regularly this town. Near the capital city there is the town of the freedom Emoji Free Many historians suppose that at this place the fight

for independence of the Emoji took place. The researchers still look very intensely for the origin of the name of this town. Only the main industry of this freedom town is strange. The cosmetics industry is national very famous. Many Emojis want to use cosmetics products possibly only from this city. The city Emoji App  is known for the high tech products and services. Earlier became the town by sophisticated extraterrestrials actively promoted. These days program some enterprises interesting ones Uses for the everyday need. The high tech industry is of use very much cleverly and sensibly rubbish. However, exception in the technical miracle forms Emoji Keyboard.

There became an innovative Emoji to a creative entrepreneur. He invented the first important keyboard Emojis. Before his presentation the area very long time had no name. The first rulers had no notion as they call the area had to go. The arrogance of the parliamentarians from Emoji Symbols led even to a boycott of the neighbouring towns because of the admission fee. At that time the area got a respectable title. The pride led to a strange fee. Moreover, a

deserter of the opposing side was during the conflict with the Egoists to the Emojis of this town. However, the reasons for his change are understandable, if one his prehistory exactly knows. In the south of the country gifted artists live in Emoji Art Every year on a certain day visits the king of Emoji this city. Here artists draw the nicest pictures. The population of this town statistically seen, is very young. In addition to the artistic city there is also an university city Emoji ListThe reason for this lies in the large number of universities. This city was originally founded by a single family. Later there were several power struggles between the various rulers. The gloves have been thanks to the factory in  Emoji For PC  very successfully sold throughout the country. The good marketing of own history through a clever entrepreneur actually led to gloves from this city also being exported abroad. The Professor Plo Onk should be considered as the best Japanese teacher from Japanese Emoji officially. Even the former talented Easter Egg Adverb came as the spirit to her award. She said in an interview about the language education in general Emoji. The special feature of the Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji you can find out already in an interview with the filmmaker Crop Crisps. He presented in short time a comedy about the most average Emoji in the kingdom. His movie was not shot in his home town. He chose the south of the country with the sea. He talks about his work and why he must defend his script. Stable Inferno experienced in his childhood an injustice. The supreme ruler wanted a grandson. For this reason, his twin brother was stolen from the hospital in the Emoji Keyboard. This commanded the ruler himself. In the interview he answered questions about his professional life. News Stand was already in his childhood called as philosopher by his parents. He was in Emoji List life philosopher. He writes regularly new theories. He experimented with different fruits. He invents new words like habit. He describes his complex experiences in the interview. The former business manager of a bank from the Emoji Meaning named Vam Pire experienced many adventures on the search for a storage solution of electricity. He visited even the year 1952 in New Jersey in the USA. There he wanted to meet a famous scientist. He did this also. Just in the technically and technologically sophisticated city Emoji App it came to problems with the software. The chief responsible Mr Inner should be hide ashamed in the bushes in front of the large interview. Chew Chess is the director of clean air of Emoji Meanings and the entire environment. The dust is often in the headlines of the great city of Emoji. The issue of air cleaning was the main topic of conversation in an interview with the head. The well-known national singer Naive Nation was born in Emoji Symbols. There she sings mostly too. She has regular contact with her fans via spam mail. In an interview she spoke about her life as a celebrity singer. The retired supreme judge told in an interview about the most common reasons of the plaintiffs in Emoji Meaning. The biggest problem is the growing greed from both sides. Over and over again he defends himself with the law books of Emoji. He also invented a method of preparation, such as the loser in the process could reassure in advance. The actor Christmas Tree was pelted in his movie premiere with chewing gum from a film critics in the Emoji Keyboard. He said that it was not bad at all. Raw Material was elected to the mouse protection president of Middle Finger Emoji. This even though he is very old. His great-grandsons found it funny that their great-grandfather will work again. His advanced age is the biggest secret of this Emojis. Stick At was born in the musical city Emoji Pop. Later she got after the conquest of the city employment as a leader of a high-tech company in Emoji App. She explains in an interview how her clothes at the touch of a button remote controls to the target.



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