☐ Ballot Box

☐- Ballot Box
Emojis had to answer different questions in their tax declaration. There was the ☐ Ballot Box almost on every place.
Later the uppermost tax collector wanted to replace the ☐ Ballot Box or to make it wider. During the demonstration against the income tax an Emoji disappeared in a big ☐ Ballot Box. He landed in the past. There that Emoji met the last ruling king of Emoji who was replaced with Scary Clown and his followers. The former king told him that he was his relative.
He warned that Emoji to do something against the ruling king. That Emoji told that he supported the end of income taxes but he disappeared in a ☐ Ballot Box. At that second Scary Clown appeared and tried to disturb their conversation.
The former king reacted 😅. After the victory against the direct taxes that Emoji returned from ☐ Ballot Box and started to try to contact Devil Emoji.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for ballot box.


Ballot Box

Copy and paste Ballot Box

Unicode:  ☐


Ballot Box With Check


Ballot Box With X




White Heavy Check Mark


Check Mark


Heavy Check Mark


Multiplication X


Heavy Multiplication X


Ballot X


Heavy Ballot X


Cross Mark


Cross Mark Button

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