✓ Check Mark

✓- Check Mark
The first elected dictator liked to use the ✓ Check Mark for done work. One day he sat in his office. At that second the main lawyer visited him. That Emoji wanted to ask something about the new law. Later both Emojis studied all accomplished works. They marked them with ✓ Check Mark. Later the first dictator wanted a device that could place the ✓ Check Mark symbol completely automatic.
Tax collectors used the ✓ Check Mark after they saw that taxable Emojis paid their taxes. The most hated Emoji liked to 👀 that list.
One day he decided to hang several lists with ✓ Check Marks because that Emoji was very proud. When Emojis found out this after the victory against the income taxes, their reaction was 😅.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for check mark.


Check Mark

Copy and paste Check Mark

Unicode:  ✓


Ballot Box


Ballot Box With Check


Ballot Box With X




White Heavy Check Mark


Heavy Check Mark


Multiplication X


Heavy Multiplication X


Ballot X


Heavy Ballot X


Cross Mark


Cross Mark Button

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