🙂‍↕️ Head Shaking Vertically

🙂‍↕️- Head Shaking Vertically, other Unicode meanings: nod, yes, in Emoji: Face of a reader who about political news. Other related Emojis: 🙂 Slightly Smiling Face and ↕ Up-Down Arrow
After events of 🤴 Prince of Emoji a famous former high-ranking politician from Emoji Face got a 😨 Fearful Face because he suspected Devil Emoji that the king could try to 🔫 him with toxic ketchup that contains 👑🦠 Coronavirus. That's why the Emoji decided to produce at least one twin. In Circus Country he got the perfect doppelganger who had his 🧬 DNA. This was very important to him. The only problem was that his twin had always 🙂‍↕️ Head Shaking Vertically. The real former politician could control thoughts of his twin and use him for his purposes. At that time the king of Emoji noticed that his son (🤴 Prince) had a different character. The king decided to test his fake son with questions. Devil noticed that his son was not able to answer. On a Wednesday the king read about a company in the neighboring state Circus Country that produced twins for high-ranking politicians and others with a big 💰 Money Bag. He decided to send a local rich Emoji to that company as a 🕵 Detective. There the rich Emoji 📸 the real 🤴 Prince and could prove to his father that the real 🤴 Prince was there.
At that moment the former politician from Emoji Face decided to fake his death. He used his twin with 🙂‍↕️ Head Shaking Vertically. Before he did this that Emoji got a new name with a new 🪪 Identification Card. His twin used a 🛩 Small Airplane that the former politician used before to fly to the parliament. The real former politician went to a forest and freed 1,123 flying 🍌 Bananas out of the cages. His twin concentrated on skimming them. The twin with 🙂‍↕️ Head Shaking Vertically landed in the ☁ Cloud where Sad Emoji lived before. At that second the 🛩 Small Airplane crashed. Later experts confirmed the death of the former politician to all mass media because they found a hair of him there. Interior Minister of Emoji commanded to ✍ write everywhere the date of death of that Emoji and to verify it. The truth was that the twin was in the ☁ Clouds of Sad Emoji and the real former politician changed his name 😏.
After these adventures the king of Emoji shouted at the fake son: "You are no son of mine".
The fake son got a 🙂‍↕️ Head Shaking Vertically.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for head shaking horizontally.

🙂‍↕️ Head Shaking Vertically is one of new Emojis in 2024.


Head Shaking Vertically

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Unicode:  🙂‍↕️

Meaning of 🙂‍↕️- Contents

Arabic - العربية

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الرموز التعبيرية المعنى: العربية

🙂‍↕️ هز الرأس عموديا

Bangla - বাংলা

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ইমোজি অর্থ: বাংলা

🙂‍↕️ মাথা উল্লম্বভাবে কাঁপছে

Chinese - 中文

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表 情符号含义:中 文

🙂‍↕️ 垂直摇头

Dutch - Nederlands

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Emoji Betekenis: Nederlands

🙂‍↕️ Hoofd verticaal schudden

Filipino - Tagalog

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Kahulugan ng Emoji: Filipino

🙂‍↕️ Umiiling na Patayo ang Ulo

French - Français

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Emoji Signification: Français

🙂‍↕️ Tête secouante verticalement

German - Deutsch

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Emoji Bedeutung: Deutsch

🙂‍↕️ Kopf schüttelt vertikal

Hebrew - עברית

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משמעות האימוג'י: עברית

🙂‍↕️ ראש רועד אנכית

Hindi - हिन्दी

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इमोजी का अर्थ: हिंदी

🙂‍↕️ ससिर को लंबवत रूप से हिलाना

Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia

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Arti Emoji: Bahasa Indonesia

🙂‍↕️ Kepala Menggelengkan Secara Vertikal

Italian - Italiano

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Significato emoji: italiano

🙂‍↕️ La testa trema verticalmente

Japanese - 日本語

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絵 文字の意味: 日本語

🙂‍↕️ 首を縦に振る

Korean - 한국어

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이 모티콘 의미: 한국어

🙂‍↕️ 머리를 수직으로 흔드는 모습

Malay - Bahasa Melayu

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Emoji Maksud: Melayu

🙂‍↕️ Kepala Menggeleng Menegak

Nigerian Pidgin - Naijíriá Píjín

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Naijíriá Píjín

🙂‍↕️ The Hed Wey E Dey Ọ́p An Daun

Persian - فارسی

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ایموجی معنی: فارسی

🙂‍↕️ تکان دادن سر به صورت عمودی

Polish - Polski

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Znaczenie emoji: polski

🙂‍↕️ Potrząsanie głową w pionie

Portuguese - Português

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Significado do Emoji: Português

🙂‍↕️ Cabeça balançando verticalmente

Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

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ਇਮੋਜੀ ਦਾ ਅਰਥ: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

🙂‍↕️ ਸਿਰ ਲੰਬਕਾਰੀ ਹਿੱਲ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈ

Russian - Русский

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Значение эмодзи: русский

🙂‍↕️ Покачивание головой вертикально

Spanish - Español

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Emoji Significado: Español

🙂‍↕️ Sacudiendo la cabeza verticalmente

Swedish - Svenska

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Emoji Betydelse: Svenska

🙂‍↕️ Huvudet skakar vertikalt

Thai - ไทย

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อิ โมจิ ความหมาย: ไทย

🙂‍↕️ ศีรษะสั่นในแนวตั้ง


Turkish - Türkçe

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Emoji Anlamı: Türkçe

🙂‍↕️ Başın Dikey Olarak Sallanması


Ukrainian - Українська

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Значення емодзі: українська

🙂‍↕️ Похитування головою вертикально


Urdu - اردو

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ایموجی کا مطلب: اردو

🙂‍↕️ عمودی طور پر سر ہلانا

Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

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Ý nghĩa biểu tượng cảm xúc: Tiếng Việt

🙂‍↕️ Lắc đầu theo chiều dọc

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Head Shaking Vertically on Google Android


Head Shaking Vertically on Facebook


Head Shaking Vertically on Microsoft Windows


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Head Shaking Vertically on JoyPixels


Head Shaking Vertically on Samsung


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