☇ Lightning

☇- Lightning
Several 😒 Emojis met Bronze Stone Clown and Scary Clown during the ☈ Thunderstorm. At that time the both Clowns visited different towns and villages to motivate Emojis and other residents to change their life. At that second Bronze Stone Clown told Emojis beautiful stories of their future. Suddenly, ☇ Lightning hit Scary Clown through open window. He did not hurt himself.
The ☇ Lightning shortened his life expectancy. Some historians believe that the future uppermost Egoist who started the big war, experienced ☇ Lightning strike that caused changes in his brain which were responsible for all crimes during the conflict with other planets and countries. On 14th of July hit a ☇ Lightning shortly before evening the tax authority in Poop Emoji. On the next came the uppermost tax collector in his office because he wanted to search for his 🍌 Banana that he forgot. The most hated Emoji noticed the damage of the ☇ Lightning. Later Emojis started their historical demonstration against the income taxes.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for lightning.




Small Lightning

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Unicode:  ☇


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