❓ Question Mark

❓- Question Mark, Unicode: black question mark ornament, red question mark
A mathematician used the ❓ Question Mark sign in his intelligence test. But what had a smart Emoji to write under the ❓ Question Mark in an intelligence test?
There were different possibilities: 1. ❓ Question Mark is the part of grammar in the end of a question.
2. I see in a ❓ Question Mark a square that was extended with a circle at the bottom. 3. Number 1 and 2 are not correct. 4. Number 1 and 2 are correct. 5. The uppermost tax collector asked you: "Why did you not pay taxes on the 19th of November❓" 6. Five Emojis have a ❓ Question.
The answer: Who chose the number 1. was a language teacher. Number 2 has been chosen by mathematicians.
Number 3 was chosen by not knowing Emojis. Number 4 chose smart Emojis. Number 5 was chosen by stingy Emojis. Number 6 chose attentive Emojis.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for question mark or Emojis who did the intelligence test use the ❓ in another context.


Question Mark

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Unicode:  ❓

Meaning of ❓- Contents

Arabic - العربية

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الرموز التعبيرية المعنى: العربية

❓ علامة استفهام حمراء

Bangla - বাংলা

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ইমোজি অর্থ: বাংলা

❓ প্রশ্নবোধক চিহ্ন

Chinese - 中文

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表 情符号含义:中 文

❓ 红色问号

Dutch - Nederlands

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Emoji Betekenis: Nederlands

❓ rood vraagteken

Filipino - Tagalog

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Kahulugan ng Emoji: Filipino

❓ pulang tandang pananong

French - Français

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Emoji Signification: Français

❓ point d’interrogation rouge

German - Deutsch

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Emoji Bedeutung: Deutsch

❓ rotes Fragezeichen

Hebrew - עברית

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משמעות האימוג'י: עברית

❓ סימן שאלה אדום

Hindi - हिन्दी

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इमोजी का अर्थ: हिंदी

❓ प्रश्न चिह्न

Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia

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Arti Emoji: Bahasa Indonesia

❓ tanda tanya merah

Italian - Italiano

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Significato emoji: italiano

❓ punto interrogativo rosso

Japanese - 日本語

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絵 文字の意味: 日本語

❓ 赤い疑問符

Korean - 한국어

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이 모티콘 의미: 한국어

❓ 빨간색 물음표

Malay - Bahasa Melayu

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Emoji Maksud: Melayu

❓ tanda soal

Nigerian Pidgin - Naijíriá Píjín

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Naijíriá Píjín

❓ Kwẹ́shọn Mak

Persian - فارسی

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ایموجی معنی: فارسی

❓ علامت سؤال قرمز

Polish - Polski

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Znaczenie emoji: polski

❓ czerwony znak zapytania

Portuguese - Português

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Significado do Emoji: Português

❓ ponto de interrogação vermelho

Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

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ਇਮੋਜੀ ਦਾ ਅਰਥ: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

❓ ਸਵਾਲ ਚਿੰਨ੍

Russian - Русский

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Значение эмодзи: русский

❓ красный вопросительный знак

Spanish - Español

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Emoji Significado: Español

❓ interrogación roja

Swedish - Svenska

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Emoji Betydelse: Svenska

❓ rött frågetecken

Thai - ไทย

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อิ โมจิ ความหมาย: ไทย

❓ เครื่องหมายคำถาม


Turkish - Türkçe

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Emoji Anlamı: Türkçe

❓ kırmızı soru işareti


Ukrainian - Українська

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Значення емодзі: українська

❓ червоний знак питання


Urdu - اردو

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ایموجی کا مطلب: اردو

❓ سرخ سوالیہ نشان

Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

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Ý nghĩa biểu tượng cảm xúc: Tiếng Việt

❓ dấu chấm hỏi

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Question Mark KDDI


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