⛑ Rescue Worker’s Helmet

⛑- Rescue Worker’s Helmet
At the times of first Horror Clown had almost every third resident a ⛑ Rescue Worker’s Helmet because the former ruler of the Circus Union wanted to build many buildings. The danger was that some construction tools could injure 🚸.
Who was near a building site had to wear a ⛑ Rescue Worker’s Helmet for security reasons (even if he or she did not work there). Almost every former ruling Horror Clown wore a ⛑ Rescue Worker’s Helmet to be a role model in the state 📺 Television. One day two curious Emojis decided to visit the archive of the former Circus Union. They wanted to analyze every photo of the first Horror Clown. They found out that the former ruler wore almost 365 times a ⛑ Rescue Worker’s Helmet.
The both Emojis reacted 😮. One day the uppermost tax collector commanded his workers to visit a building site. He gave them ⛑ Rescue Worker’s Helmets. Those Emojis had to check the value of all construction tools.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for rescue worker’s helmet.


Rescue Worker’s Helmet

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Unicode:  ⛑

Meaning of ⛑- Contents

Arabic - العربية

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الرموز التعبيرية المعنى: العربية

⛑ خوذة رجل إنقاذ

Bangla - বাংলা

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ইমোজি অর্থ: বাংলা

⛑ উদ্ধারকারী কর্মীর হেলমেট

Chinese - 中文

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表 情符号含义:中 文

⛑ 白十字头盔

Dutch - Nederlands

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Emoji Betekenis: Nederlands

⛑ helm van reddingswerker

Filipino - Tagalog

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Kahulugan ng Emoji: Filipino

⛑ helmet ng rescue worker

French - Français

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Emoji Signification: Français

⛑ helmet ng rescue worker

German - Deutsch

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Emoji Bedeutung: Deutsch

⛑ Rettungshelm

Hebrew - עברית

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משמעות האימוג'י: עברית

⛑ קסדה עם צלב לבן

Hindi - हिन्दी

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इमोजी का अर्थ: हिंदी

⛑ सफेद क्रॉस वाला हेलमेट

Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia

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Arti Emoji: Bahasa Indonesia

⛑ helm dengan palang putih

Italian - Italiano

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Significato emoji: italiano

⛑ elmetto con croce bianca

Japanese - 日本語

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絵 文字の意味: 日本語

⛑ 白十字ヘルメット

Korean - 한국어

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이 모티콘 의미: 한국어

⛑ 흰 십자가가 있는 헬멧

Malay - Bahasa Melayu

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Emoji Maksud: Melayu

⛑ topi keselamatan dengan palang putih

Nigerian Pidgin - Naijíriá Píjín

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Naijíriá Píjín

⛑ Hẹ́lmẹt Wé Wọ́kas Wé De Sév Pípol De Wia

Persian - فارسی

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ایموجی معنی: فارسی

⛑ کلاه صلیب سرخ

Polish - Polski

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Znaczenie emoji: polski

⛑ kask z krzyżykiem

Portuguese - Português

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Significado do Emoji: Português

⛑ capacacete de socorrista

Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

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ਇਮੋਜੀ ਦਾ ਅਰਥ: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

⛑ ਮੈਡੀਕਲ ਸਹਾਇਤਾ ਵਾਲਾ ਹੈਲਮੇਟ

Russian - Русский

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Значение эмодзи: русский

⛑ каска с белым крестом

Spanish - Español

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Emoji Significado: Español

⛑ casco con una cruz blanca

Swedish - Svenska

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Emoji Betydelse: Svenska

⛑ räddningsarbetarhjälm

Thai - ไทย

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อิ โมจิ ความหมาย: ไทย

⛑ หมวกนิรภัยมีกากบาทขาว


Turkish - Türkçe

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Emoji Anlamı: Türkçe

⛑ yardım ekibi kaskı


Ukrainian - Українська

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Значення емодзі: українська

⛑ каска рятувальника


Urdu - اردو

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ایموجی کا مطلب: اردو

⛑ سفید کراس والا ہیلمٹ

Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

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Ý nghĩa biểu tượng cảm xúc: Tiếng Việt

⛑ mũ bảo hiểm của lính cứu hộ

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