Geometric Emojis- The list of all meanings and definitions

🔲 Black Square Button


🔳 White Square Button


White Large Square


Black Large Square


Black Medium-Small Square


White Medium-Small Square


Black Medium Square


White Medium Square


White Small Square


Black Small Square


🔴 Red Circle


🔵 Blue Circle


White Circle


Black Circle


Medium Small White Circle


🔶 Large Orange Diamond


🔷 Large Blue Diamond


🔸 Small Orange Diamond


🔹 Small Blue Diamond


🔺 Red Triangle Pointed Up


🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down


🟠 Orange Circle


🟡 Yellow Circle


🟢 Green Circle


🟣 Purple Circle


🟤 Brown Circle


🟥 Red Square


🟧 Orange Square


🟨 Yellow Square


🟩 Green Square


🟦 Blue Square


🟪 Purple Square


🟫 Brown Square




White Diamond in Square


Shadowed White Circle


Lower Right Drop-Shadowed White Square


Upper Right Drop-Shadowed White Square


Lower Right Shadowed White Square


Upper Right Shadowed White Square


Square Four Corners


🔘 Radio Button

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