♫ Beamed Eighth Notes

♫- Beamed Eighth Notes, music, radio station
Several Emojis visited a music school because last Horror Clown died unexpectedly. There they learned the sounds that come from ♫ Beamed Eighth Notes. It calmed Emojis.
After election of the first dictator played several musicians sounds with ♫ Beamed Eighth Notes in his honor. Programmers developed a software that should help Emojis to make their own sounds.
There used Emoji the ♫ Beamed Eighth Notes symbol for several ♪ Eighth Notes.
Every radio station started to use the ♫ Beamed Eighth Notes symbol in its logo.
The second Horror Clown commanded to build big ♫ Beamed Eighth Notes before several music schools.
In communication use musical Emojis this symbol for beamed eighth notes.


Beamed Eighth Notes

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Unicode:  ♫


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