♪ Eighth Note

♪- Eighth Note, quaver
Musicians from Emoji Pop use ♪ Eighth Note if they want to play the half of the ♩ Quarter Note.
The first elected dictator liked songs where ♪ Eighth Note was the most used. He found out this in a special test for former politicians. According to historians made former tax collectors from Saturn music before they collected 💰 Money Bags of Emojis. They used at least 8 times the ♪ Eighth Note in their music. One day decided an Emoji to make a sound only with ♪ Eighth Note.
He wanted to participate in a talent Show for future singers or musicians. He got the 🥉 3rd Place Medal. Envious Emojis tried to do the same with ♪ Eighth Note, but they failed because it was nothing special.
In communication use musical Emojis this symbol for eighth note.


Eighth Note

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Unicode:  ♪


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