馃幖 Musical Score

馃幖- Musical Score, sheet music, 馃樂 Doctors: palpitations of the heart
Every musician uses the 馃幖 Musical Score in his job. The famous singer from Emoji Pop can find out every 馃幖 Musical Score in every song even if he doesn't know the 馃幎 Musical Notes. This Emoji was one of the most gifted students in music school.
During his retirement learned the former tax collector that there was 馃幖 Musical Score in songs. Emojis like to experiment with 馃幖 Musical Score if they are bored.
Young Emojis must practice the 馃幖 Musical Score in the musical city of Emoji Pop in the first class. At the times of first Horror Clown used the Secret Service 馃幖 Musical Score in its talks.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for musical score.


Musical Score

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Unicode:  🎼


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馃幍 Musical Note


馃幎 Musical Notes


Quarter Note


Eighth Note


Beamed Eighth Notes


Beamed Sixteenth Notes


Music Flat Sign


Music Natural Sign


Music Sharp Sign

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馃幖 Music

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