♯ Music Sharp Sign

♯- Music Sharp Sign, Twitter: Sorry, you entered an invalid query. Please try your search again.
On planet Earth: The ♯ Music Sharp Sign should be not confused with the # for Hashtag.
Emojis who want to be successful musicians, learn to use the ♯ Music Sharp Sign correctly.
Musical Emojis used the ♯ Music Sharp Sign in their tax declaration because they hated income taxes. Later those Emojis got a visit from tax collectors on command of the most hated Emoji.
They explained as a reason that their 🧠 Brains had the ♯ Music Sharp Sign because of their job.
The former first elected dictator confused the ♯ Music Sharp Sign with # in his profile of a website that is similar to Twitter but for Emojis.
In communication use musical Emojis this symbol for music sharp sign.


Music Sharp Sign

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Unicode:  ♯


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🎶 Musical Notes


🎼 Musical Score


Quarter Note


Eighth Note


Beamed Eighth Notes


Beamed Sixteenth Notes


Music Flat Sign


Music Natural Sign

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